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Fix My Life Weekly: The Perfect Two Weeks Notice

Jobs are hard.  And terrible.  You gotta do all that “working” and “listening to what the boss tells you” and “water-cooler-ing” and other stuff like [...]

Personal Growth & You (Personally)

Being Yourself Is Terrible, So Stop It

  Ask yourself a question. And be honest. No, wait, even better I want you to repeat this phrase that I am about to type and [...]


5 Signs That You’d Make a Good Life Coach

Did you know that people pay other people to tell them things they already know but hate to admit? Life coaches. That’s right. Life coaching is a [...]

Manage Your Money

Fix My Life Weekly: Debts

Think of your wallet as your stomach. Yeah, yeah, I know I don’t normally start these like this, shut up, just work with me on this [...]

FML Weekly

Fix My Life Weekly: Passwords

I did it!  I finally remembered it!  Stupid security questions.  How am I supposed to know what elementary school I went to?  Or what my [...]

Sex & Relationships

STDs with Lenton Lees: 3 Ways to Improve the Blowjob

Hello, ladies. Welcome to Sexually Transmitted Discussions with me, Lenton Lees, the master of the art of writing about sex. I have come to you today [...]

Get Healthy

10 Sleeping Positions to Improve Your Everything

“GRRRRUFFFFF!” Back pain! When you’re not feeling it, you’re thinking about it. It plagues our minds more than a God-inspired, swarm of locust, wet-dream. That pesky [...]

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The Perks of Standing on a Beach During Sunset

Let’s be real for a second. Life is hectic. And difficult. And frustration. Sometimes, we get caught up in all the red tape of car [...]

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